Waking the Beast

Waking the Beast Summary

Abby spent her life searching for a hidden pride of cat shifters and the alpha who would bring them together. She never dreamed he wouldn't know who he was. How could the elite soldier turned bartender not realize a powerful beast living inside him?

Waking up in a cell with no memory of how he got there confuses Utah. Seeing the sexy woman from the bar there with him, he fights to recall what happened. When three men with trouble written all over them show up, he knows he's in for a fight.

The torture is brutal, but with each blow, something awakens inside him. Something territorial. Something primal. Something that stares at the terrified woman and roars one word. Mine.

Book Reviews

i luv reading

Walking the Beast5 star

Marvelous. Great story line, novel ideas. A super read.55


Couldn’t finish3 star

I love shifter books, but the characters here were just so...blah. I know it’s romance, but seriously...spoiler alert: one week together and they are professing eternal love constantly (obsessively) and pregnant...where’s the getting to know each other phase? angst? Calling out each other in stupid behavior? The main gal, Abby, wants him to wear a condom, he doesn’t (it doesn’t “work for him”) & then she contradicts herself to make him feel better by saying she didn’t actually want him to wear one...just too many contradictions. She’s a “strong woman” & yet he gets what he wants (sex) constantly, even when it’s completely inappropriate, like them doing it repeatedly while on the run. I got about 80% through and I had had enough.35


Ok3 star

Little all over the place. Got confused in some areas but it was an alright read35


Good read4 star

Enjoyed the read45

Picky Priscilla

Roaring Success5 star

Romance, action, love… all the best elements of an exciting tale!55

C Conti

Waking the beast5 star

Wow! I was so glued to this book. It as on fire with all the crazy changes happening to the two people. Loved the lions and the dogs. Thank you.55


One of the Best Books Ever5 star

Amazing story and impossible to put down!!!!55

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