The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience

The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience Summary

The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience by Nickelodeon gives the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the making of this phenomenal hit!  

With the Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience, you’ll:
- Swipe and tap through exclusive production content made available to fans for the first time
- Relive Book 1 in its entirety with clips, images and more! 
- Get a sneak peek at Book 2 elements
- Plus so much more! 

Special Features: 
- Never-before-seen Animatics and storyboard panels from Book 1
- In-depth character bios including new characters in Book 2
- Be among the first to get a look at some of the new characters you will meet in the newest season 
- Original storyboards, episodic art, and all-new background images
- Animatics from Book 2 including a never-before-seen scene
- Music notes from the show’s composer 
- Get the official rules for Pro-Bending
- Learn about and see more of the different locations that played a key role in Book 1
- Numerous hidden features throughout the book, can you find them all? 
- Plus ton of other special multi-touch features 

Get ready to soar throughout Republic City with The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience, a must-have collectible for superfans! 

Book Reviews


Not what I thought3 star

It’s not what I thought it was but it was still good35



Omg I have watched every show on Legend of Korra from both Books 1 and 2 and I absolutely love all of them. But I am human so I forget, so this was a great refreshers course. PLEASE make one for Book 2 sooner! I love it sooooooooo much.55

Kiba the Wolf

The Legend of Korra = EPIC5 star

The show was absolutely brilliant!! probably will forever be my top favorite show of all time, along with the first series!! 2 thumbs way way up for this!!!55


Amazing!5 star

I am a HUGE fan of Korra and the original show, and this book is just the best. I love seeing the animatics and reading in on what Bryan and Mike have to say about the show. And, of course, the information on book 2! I drank in every page, and although I personally do not usually like reading a book from a screen, this one is different because it has beautiful images and cool videos. So great! It's to bad that people might be giving it a low rating just because it is only for iPad. If you are as much of an Avatard as I am, then this is the book for you. I can't even explain how much I love it. Definitely going to be going through it several times. Highly recommended!55


WOW!!!5 star

Müthiş bir uygulama55


Love it!5 star

This book is amazing! It shows nice details and artwork from Book 1 of The Legend of Korra. Even though there isn't much for Book 2 , I'm really glad they gave us something. :)55

i heart good video

Great for fans of all ages! More like this, please!5 star

I have been a big fan of this show and of ALL the extras and exclusives I have gotten, but book this is one that everyone in my family enjoys and actually uses! It is easy enough that my 5 year old will use it to look at the pictures she likes and then complete enough that I read it and find stuff I had not known. We can enjoy it together as a shared experience, which is what this is supposed to do, right? Hopefully this will continue to grow with each book… More like this, please!55


Love. It5 star



Well then.....................3 star

I was very excited to see I could download this book as soon as it turned midnight. However, once I started looking inside my excitement vanished. SPOILER ALERT(Barely). It highlights everything from Book 1. We get the same previews for Book 2 that are already on the Internet. One small sketch scene from Chapter 1 of Book 2. I was hoping for more. Nonetheless it gets 3 stars because of the content from Book 1.35

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