The Little Unicorn Chu ( Loving bedtime stories for children )

The Little Unicorn Chu ( Loving bedtime stories for children ) Summary

The Little Unicorn Chu

Loving bedtime stories for children

The Little Unicorn is a captivating children’s book all about a little unicorn called Chu who lives on the planet Sparkly.
Chu loves to do ballet, as he loves to twist and twirl and stand up on tiptoe.
He is a good, well-behaved unicorn with one bad habit, which is a tendency not to listen to his mother or his kindergarten teachers. They are forever telling the little unicorn not to talk to strangers that he does not know.
The words just float over Chu’s little unicorn head though and because of this, he finds himself in a potentially dangerous situation with a strange unicorn. Luckily, his teacher sees what is happening and rescues Chu.
The little unicorn learns a valuable life lesson and from that moment on ignores strangers.

For ages 4-5 years. Stunningly illustrated throughout. Written in rhyme. Teaches a valuable life lesson.

A fun rhyming bedtime story or everyday story for your little ones with a serious and clear message about not talking to strangers. The following verse is repeated in the story making it easy to understand.
“Stay away from all those you don’t know.
“If you don’t know the unicorn, then turn and go!”

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Book Reviews


Love5 star

I love it55


Illustrations aren’t displaying correctly1 star

Very glitchy. The illustrations are all cut off, where you can see half of the full size pic or less. There’s no way to view the whole picture. As I got 75% of the way through the pictures were overlapping the text, making it unreadable.15

Review girl1234

Ok3 star

Not amazing35

smiles are awsome

The pictures3 star

The book is good and all but I want to see full pictures.because I am on my phone, that might be the problem but just because I am on my phone does not mean I should not enjoy full pictures.35

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