A Brief Stock Market History

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A Brief Stock Market History is based on the top selling investing eBook Lessons From The Successful Investor, which is now available for only $4.99, and contains 85 timeless value investing lessons to help you build a quality portfolio of value stocks that will make you wealthy.Download A Brief Stock Market History and learn about the stock market before you start investing in stocks.

Book Reviews


Teaches fundamentals quick and to the point5 star

It gets right to the point, a very good guide.55


Contains more lessons than history of the stock market3 star

This is a solid quick read when it comes to getting some general tips to the stock market and the way it behaves. But I believe the title is a bit misleading because it only uses a few references to certain instances in the stock market's past. It does not give a general history about how it started, how it works, or major events that have happened (other than a few). This quick read is more about giving you a few things to think about when investing rather than learning about the history of the stock market.35


so disappointed1 star

This book does NOT help a reader to build a quality portfolio of value stocks. Some timeless value investing lessons are not clearly presented. I would rather study other stock market books.15

Luke n' Caro

Great principals5 star

Fantastic read! Used these principals and have had success, started with $6k in 2007, and now have $43... All using these principals.55

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