The Path to Happiness and Wealth

The Path to Happiness and Wealth Summary

I was awarded the Washington Post personal finance book of the month award for this book. It is a holistic look at the secrets to overcome debt and find a balance with money in your life. It’s a good book for people to read that might be having issues with shopping issues, compulsive spending, overspending, hidden debt, etc.

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Chuck BlackIce

Foundational Reading5 star

This book is an excellent intro to dealing with money and life. I really do not believe it matters how much wealth you have at this moment in time. Thankfully I am in a pretty good financial standing however, this reading has shunned light in areas in which I can improve. And areas I have fallen off financially. Without reading it I’m not sure if I could see my sustainability 10 years out from now. Thank you Steve for the authentic, simple yet life changing knowledge. God bless.55


Love it!5 star

Excellent read!55


Fuego Book5 star

Learned way much than I expected from this book. I recommended it to a couple of friend only after just the first two chapters in. Highlighted the things that i came across that I KNOW apply to me directly!55


Great book4 star

Enjoyed it.45

Pravesh everywhere

Good suggestion2 star

The book is for them who really don't appreciate the little value of money and dreams of materialistic possession. No debt no fret !!25

R. Elizondo

The Path to Happiness and Wealth4 star

Great Book45


A MUST READ !!!5 star

I will never be in debt again ! I read all three books in a week it's that good !! No magic wands, no unrealistic plans for zero debt tomorrow. Just old fashion look in the mirror and really see yourself for the first time conversational style advice. Even my shopping buddies stated "wow, you are serious" to which I was able to confidently respond "Yes I am !" Available credit limit does not equal the ability to afford whatever it is you have up on the counter at the moment.55


Excellent book!,,5 star

What a great collection of advice to help people manage their financial lives??? Richard55


Great book..5 star

Teaches you how to appreciate the little things in life and that inner happiness won't come from money...55

Tom Wiley

A different view.5 star

This book looks at money and spending a whole new way. Some tough questions were asked of me and the way I spend my money. I look at whole personal finance thing differently now.55

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