Dog Training: 10 Steps To A Perfect Dog

Dog Training: 10 Steps To A Perfect Dog Summary

Own a dog or new puppy and looking for a quick and easy to read dog training guide? Learn 10 easy steps to training the perfect dog now!

Training your dog doesn’t have to be a pain. Inside we guide you through some of the best training tips and exercises to make your pup that much more amazing! These training tips and instruction were written by an actual professional dog trainer so get started training your dog today.

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside:

• Stopping Your Dog From Chewing 
• House Training 
• Stopping The Dog From Pulling On The Leash 
• Fun Dog Tricks 
• Stopping Barking 
• Dealing With Over Excitement 
• Behaving At The Vet 
• Car Manners 
• And Much More!

Book Reviews


10 steps to a perfect dog5 star

It is the best book I’ve ever read before55


It’s basic for beginners3 star

It’s good for the basics but if you want more in depth training this wouldn’t be what I recommend.35


Useful information5 star

This quick read seemed a little scattered but came from a thoughtful perspective. Never having taken on the “pet-owner responsibility”, I thought this was useful but also, not the only thing I’ll read before taking on puppy life55


Great for some breeds3 star

Great for most breeds! I tried it on my English Retriever, it worked but my mini poodle did not want to listen and just jumped on me for the treats.35

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