Ten Spiritual Secrets of Thought Power: Obscure Insights into the Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Ten Spiritual Secrets of Thought Power: Obscure Insights into the Most Powerful Force in the Universe Summary


If you are a fan of metaphysics, quantum physics, mind power, spirituality and spiritual growth, self-help, human potential, personal development, motivation, and the Law of Attraction, then you will love this book.

If you thought you were well-versed in the subject of thought power, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Those in the know--the mystics and other deep thinkers--have always known that thought power is the motive force behind all of creation, and that people with an in-depth understanding of this great force can work seeming miracles in the physical world by strategically using their minds for the specific purpose of manifesting the desired circumstances they wish to create.

It stands to reason that the more deeply one understands the subject of thought power, the more able they will be to consciously and purposely manipulate material reality using their minds. And in this thought-provoking little book, you will gain a deeper understanding of the greatest force in the universe than even many of those in the know have every achieved.

Table of Contents:

Secret One.....: The Thought Is the Thing
Secret Two.....: It’s Logical
Secret Three...: It Wonders
Secret Four....: It Has Direction
Secret Five....: It’s Misleading
Secret Six......: It Will Be What It Is
Secret Seven...: It’s Forgiving
Secret Eight...: Its Time Is Now
Secret Nine....: It Feels
Secret Ten.....: It Runs on Love

From the book:

"There is only one thing to understand and one place to go, and they are one and the same: Consciousness. Consciousness of consciousness must be the intended goal for us because there appears to be nothing else to understand and nowhere else to go. Consciousness is both our destination and the vehicle we travel in to get there. And when we do get there, then what? Then we discover that is exactly where we’ve been all along. So then what’s the point of the journey? Well, if we’ll end up where we’ve been all along, has there actually been a journey? No. There has been no journey. We never left. We didn’t go anywhere."

Book Reviews


Great read!5 star

This book gave me a clear path and blueprint I need to start believing I’m a Millionaire.55


Great great book5 star

I like this book because it shows the different levels of the psychic mind how we think how things are like a pyramid one leads to another which leads to another and give you an example of all that so I highly recommend this book55


Jeff’s review3 star

Great read and very informative about how to seek and put love and peace towards things in our daily lives35

The Kingdom Child

Awesome book5 star

It’s a must read55

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