The Zen Wheel of Life Mantra: A Song of Luminous Wisdom and Love

The Zen Wheel of Life Mantra: A Song of Luminous Wisdom and Love Summary

Poet-Philosopher and Zen Priest Tai Sheridan's Wheel of Life Mantra is a poetic expression of the Bhavacakra, an ancient mandala that presents the most significant wisdom teachings of Buddhism. It is used to contemplate the causes and conditions of suffering, and as a guide to non-dual wisdom, loving kindness, compassion, and equanimity.

The Wheel is constructed of four concentric circles around a hub, each circle representing different areas of human experience and awareness. Beginning with the innermost circle and moving outward they represent dimensions of anguish, consequences, psychological experience, and the workings of consciousness.

The wheel itself is an expression of the essential Buddhist teachings of no-self (nothing exists as a separate entity), impermanence (everything changes), and co-dependent origination (all phenomena arise simultaneously in reality in the present moment). The Wheel, like all Buddhist teachings, is an encouragement for finding the way to peace, love, and light.

Book Reviews


Poetry5 star

If you like poetry then this book is fantastic for that purpose. Recommend to all ages.55


A very nice read5 star

A very nice and poetic delivery of food for thought. This isn't going to spell out quick answers, or give a step by step guide to enlightenment. This does, however, offer nuggets for contemplation for those who are ready and willing to uncover how to better oneself because they are motivated enough to take on the required efforts. I think I might read this each morning for a while :)55

Carmela Countz

Are You Kidding Me1 star

This book is a few words, put together for a mini poem. It has no enlightening information as the preface indicates.15


Great Work!5 star

Very enjoyable and profound. May go a little over the heads of people with no prior knowledge of the concepts, such as "A New Earth" by Ekhart Tolle. Beautiful! Loved it!55

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