Things That Don't Exist: a Manifesto

Things That Don't Exist: a Manifesto Summary

"The world at it’s currently run relies on the assumption that each and every member of the earth’s population believe in three fundamental ideas: money, nationality and status. These three concepts have one thing in common: they only exist in our imaginations. Not everyone recognises these concepts as valid, but officially we all do.

As far as the media are concerned, the non-existence of these three works of fiction is the greatest taboo of our time. They’re taken for granted in the same way volcanoes are taken for granted. They’re part of our world, and out of our control.

Now is the time for questions. Where did these beliefs come from? Why are they here? And how do we get rid of them?"

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Fabtastic!5 star

Love love loved this! Short and sweet. Look a while for the authors to sway me, but they did! I think everyone should have access to this book!55


Things That Don't Exist: A Manifesto5 star

If any a subject were more relevant today, it would be this one. The authors challenge the readers to honestly examine three major beliefs which we've all held as absolute truth since we formed our first thoughts. Namely, the inherent existence of (1) money $, (2) nationality, and (3) class/status. These three concepts have been with us since before we were born. They are so engrained in our concept of reality and society that most of us have never thought to question their validity. So pervasive are they, that many simply can not envision a world without. However, it's important to acknowledge that the truth of the matter is that they're fake. Money, nationality, and social status are all inventions of humanity. They do not exist on their own and there are other alternatives. This book will challenge you to think outside the box; to unchain yourself from the shackles that bind us all; to construct a new and better way of living; one in which we all may prosper in peace.55


Cool5 star

I feel that this little diddy should be read in all public schools every where! Understanding where our beliefs come from and why we believe them is the key to fixing all the things that they have messed up.55


Great, think in different perspective5 star

It is rather valuable to tell how to think55

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