#BLACKLIVESMATTER is a photo book that documents four years of protests and resistance by American citizens that decided to organize themselves into a force that combats the increasingly hostile interactions between the police and the African American communities that they are charged to protect. While this book is primarily a collection of still photos, one of the advantages of this volume being in a digital format is that it allows for this text to have multimedia elements that are not possible to include in a traditional print book. There are some pages that contain words or sentences colored in red. In those cases, those are hyperlinks that, when clicked, will take the reader to online articles or videos that provide more information on the topic at hand. In the center of some images there will be a “play” button which indicates that it is a video waiting to be played. Thus, while this is a photo book, the large collection of links to external articles and videos it contains also makes it an excellent reference text for those looking for a deeper understanding of the massive civil disobedience campaigns against police brutality that have shaken the country over the past two years. The total effect for the reader is a multimedia experience that allows she or he to be immersed into the world of the many thousands of people that have dared to change the world by taking to the streets and demanding that their voices be heard. About the Creator: Joel I. Plummer is a professional editorial photographer whose past work has been used by Essence Magazine, Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and numerous international media outlets. In addition to being a photographer, he is an adjunct professor of African and African American Studies at Rutgers University and, for nearly two decades, has written and taught about 20th Century African American history and culturally relevant pedagogy. His background as a historian and educator gives him a wealth of knowledge from which to draw when trying to understand and capture the full context of the events that he covers. For more information and speaking engagement inquiries, please contact the author at: Joel I. Plummer joelplummer@plummerphotos.com 908-858-5134 http://www.plummerphotos.com

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