Guide To Portrait Photography Basics

Guide To Portrait Photography Basics Summary

You've probably tried your hand at portrait photography before—many times—without really thinking about it. Any posed snapshot of family and friends is a portrait, but with a little practice and a few easy tips, you can turn those snapshots into wonderfully flattering portraits that you'll be proud to share, frame, and hang on your wall. 
The best part? You can get started with the camera you already own, no matter how basic. 
This eBook is divided into two parts. Chapters 1-6 of this book are devoted to portrait photography techniques, and are primarily geared towards first-time portrait photographers, but can also serve as useful reminders to more experiences shooters. Learn how to shoot in difficult daylight situations, several do's and don’ts of portrait photography, check out the unique challenges and rewards of portraits on location in cities, and enjoy several simple, semi-random tips that will help you turn your snapshot portraits into professional-looking shots you can be proud to frame and hang on a wall or share with friends and family. 
Of course, by the time you've finished reading this book and put the tips into practice, you may decide you want to shoot even better portraits, and that upgrades in lenses and/or cameras and other gadgets are necessary. Chapters 7 and up are dedicated to helping you make the best equipment choices so you can produce pro-quality portrait photos.

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