High Dynamic Range Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography Summary

High Dynamic Range Photography by Steve Huskisson shows images captured by Steve in South Florida. Using multiple exposures or bracketed shots, Steve combines the images to make truly magnificent photos.

Book Reviews

Mrs. BLB

Need more exposure information3 star

The pictures are interesting - some a bit too over exposed to suit my taste. However, my my main disappointment is there are no exposure information such as ISO, shutter speed, and Aperture settings.35


Your Book.4 star

I found these photos to be very interesting. I take it you really like to watch sunsets and sunrises. What would have made this an even better book, would have been a concise explanation of the process to make these types of photos. It seems you are quite good with the software that you use, so, preparing such a tome would not be very much of a problem for you.45


Very Beautiful photos5 star

I like all the photos. I wish the author would have talked more on how he took them; the equipment and technique he used to make them. Very inspiring.55


South Fl5 star

I love the photos in this book. I lived in Miami most of my life and the photos made me little homesick. I hope the writer has time to shoot the city of Miami skyline.55


Inspiration4 star

A wonderful look at the world through HDR eyes. Thanks for the inspiration.45

The Gootch

Blah1 star

This book is formatted different and is terrible. It is a collection of someone's overdone HDR images. It was free unless you count the wasted time I'll never get back from reading it.15


Your photos5 star

The colors are outstanding!!!! What effect did you use? I am a photographer myself, but how did you get the colors like that?55


Beautiful pictures but not enough information5 star

First it want to thank for showing how to get them done. My camera has HDR and these pictures are so beautiful. I love to see them over and over again. This is a great book, but I which he tell us more of how they done. May be because the camera dose every thing for you. I still give this book 5 stars because now I know what can HDR do.55


Wow! Amazing photos5 star

Great images. Loved the box! Stunning!55

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