New York

New York Summary

Enjoy a full spread coffee-table photo book of New York City, the most exciting place in the world.

Five chapters will lead you through this beautifully designed book. Each of it featuring stunning and unique photographs. See New York like you have never seen New York before.

The high resolution photos are looking so compelling, you will actually want to have them on your wall. 
Now here's the good news: You can. 

Book Reviews


Great!5 star

Congratulations, is a very nice and sexy book.55


Strong Work4 star

I enjoyed the images and the book design. Strong work.45


Clevery Done & Worth Downloading4 star

There are some very nice images in here, and the design elements are quite clever. Nice use of galleries for related photos, and I just like the style in general. Overall, I definitely recommend it.45


Great photographs5 star

Excellent work! Great photos, very nicely designed, and it all came for free! Will check out the gallery for sure.55

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