Photography Composition

Photography Composition Summary

Do you want to take better photos?

Lluís Ribes has adapted his tutorial on Photography Composition for iBooks. Download it for free and in 13 chapters you will be able to go over the most important composition rules and take more impressive photos.

This tutorial comes with original, high-definition photos by the author and is adapted to the technology of iBooks: you can take notes, highlight and easily look up terms in Wikipedia and on the internet.

It is compatible with iPad, iPad2 and the new iPad and adapts to horizontal or vertical viewing.

Book Reviews

Pokémon bill

Minecraft1 star

Is better than furtnite15


Excellent5 star

This author clearly knows what he is doing. Outstanding photos with direct and concise information.55


I liked it5 star

The ideas are spelled out, plain and simple. It was free and there is not a huge time commitment on your part. If you are looking for fundamental ways to improve your approach to the camera, read this book.55


Great!!5 star

Great book!!! Will recommend!!55


Thank You5 star

I have been looking for a book on photo composition that I can easily apply. This book is EXCELLENT!55


iPad Only3 star

iPad only. Can't read it on your computer. Can't read it on your iPhone. They do say it before you download. The very last line--if you click "More". Maybe you will be able to enjoy it...35

Sonoran Peasant

Well Done; Well Worth Your Time5 star

Of course, since it's free it's worthwhile….but it's value is that the author has written a short text, with a minimal number of words, that describe a very few different pictures extremely well. For those who have ever studied photography much is redundant; the "rules" or "guidelines" are well known -- for those who have just purchased a small digital camera and are willing to spend half an hour's effort in studying this small book the rewards will be significant. One chapter, "Less is More," is done fantastically. Recommended.55


Great book.5 star

Super composition tutorial. Very clear explanations of various techniques. Thanks.55

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