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From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, 2011 was a turbulent year. As always, Getty Images photographers were front and center to document the events that mattered, from the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan to the joyous occasion of a royal wedding. These images capture the major political conflicts and social issues of our time—as well as highlights in sports, fashion, and entertainment—and shine a light on the emotions of the moment and the significant backstories. The Year in Focus showcases our talented photographers’ and editors’ finest work.

Book Reviews


Great5 star

Great photos and design, love it.55

rocky river gay (OH!!!)

Whose idea for topics?1 star

Stories and pictures cover only news and sports, little coverage of anything else making it dull.15


AMAZING!!!!5 star

A book with Videos, unbelievable photos and a music bed - this is the future of books as we know it - as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words - well this must be a some where in a billion words - very touching story of a great photographer Chris Hondros, who was lost last year in Libya - over all what can I say - a must have!!!...and it's free!55


Movies kept crashing the book.2 star

The images are wonderful. The way they are displayed was great. However, I couldn't see any of the movies though. The book continually crashed. I did a restart, cold restart, warm restart (kidding). Still could not get them to play and could not get book to stop crashing. Unfortunately there isn't a way to report this and get it corrected. sigh...25


What a year5 star

Great free download... Moving pictures, interesting stories, good times.55

Bilal Rehman

Love it5 star

This book really gets deep with graphic pictures love it all the way55

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