About Life Book I: Understanding Existence

About Life Book I: Understanding Existence Summary

UNDERSTANDING EXISTENCE explores the fundamental question: How is it possible that we exist? But also other intriguing questions such as: Were the disappearing / downing / crashing of three Malaysian based airplanes in a single year, a mere coincidence? Or are there other as yet inexplicable dynamics at play?

Although a bold call it attempts to interpret such an understanding by investigating cutting edge science.

To this end it literally attempts to provide the ABC's of why we are here and I have to warn that in doing so I'm admittedly not attempting to be absolutely scientifically correct. This is because my aim from the onset was to draft a readable and interesting book rather than a scientific dissertation.

I have attempted to frame this understanding on the Theory of Relativity as well as other findings, so to perhaps come to a reasonable constructive understanding of what God may actually be (that is in as far as an agnostic can indeed do so).

My approach has been to assert the existence of some mysterious realm based on a simple mathematical equation that goes awry the moment it reaches what we currently understand quantum reality to be.

My interpretation is that, by its very nature, reality is a paradox. And as a consequence one should also strive to approach one's life philosophy by integrating often seemingly diametrically opposing views on reality, and that developing this paradoxic mindset, is the true key to understanding what is behind it all.

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