What You Should Know About Physics

What You Should Know About Physics Summary

Physics is the study of the objects that make up our physical reality - everything from subatomic particles to galaxies. Its goal is to figure out how things work and why.

Physics is relevant. Its discoveries have profound impact. They become the technologies that improve our lives and that drive innovation and business.

This book summarizes what everyone should know about Physics:  the most important particles, the forces and the major theories.

Book Reviews


Just physics please.4 star

Basic physics for sure. And some personal bias, risk assessment and downright technical discrimination. Aimed at the layman. Good for developing appreciation of the practical uses of physics and its limitations.45


Informative, to the point, and wide ranging.4 star

A good book to get a brief view of the primary areas studied in physics. Equations are mentioned but the primary focus is on the interactions and physical effects/dynamics.45


Jeo5 star

Please i need to contact to the author Anyone give me his email or any mean to contact55


Great book5 star

I like the straightforward language!55

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