The Things We Don't Talk About

The Things We Don't Talk About Summary

26 poems: Tunnel, Dark Corners, Parallel, Press Play, Mundane, Walls, Sunbathing, Broken, Space Traveler, Brilliant, Gloom, Harbor, Fallen, Words, Stargazing, That Great Night, These Eyes, What Defines Me, Screams from Outer Space, Crosshairs, Eclipse, Peace of Mind, Drowning, Corpses, Before I Go, Journey

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Amazing3 star

I love the poems and meaning behind them my favorite poem was about what defines me definitely a book I wasn’t expecting but loved35


Inside5 star

Know that a book can make you feel like ur 100% inside of it makes me feel like the people around me is gone because you will be trapped55


I liked it5 star

Became one of my fav books♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️55

aiya san

Realization5 star

Knowing others can feel the same as you rates in a different way55

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