Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost Summary

2021 USA Today Best Selling Book 

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sloane Monroe novels comes a gripping new series about love, loss, murder, and a broken former detective who's about to be drawn out of hiding.

For the past two years, Georgiana "Gigi" Germaine has been living off the grid, until today, when she hears some disturbing news that shakes her. Georgiana's brother-in-law has been murdered, her seven-year-old niece kidnapped. As the hours waste away, Georgiana races back to a town she left behind, and a former life she's still not ready to face.

Readers are saying:

"This was a great start to a series that I can't wait to get more of." Cindy O

"Grab this book for hours of engrossed reading. You won't regret it." Connie Correll

"A well plotted story that has a couple surprises/twists." Marsha Jo, Vine Voice

"I am completely intrigued by this new character and cannot wait for book two." Sharon B

"I was completely immersed in the story and read it straight through." Leah Hines

"I'm salivating for the second book already!" Sandra

Book Reviews

River Quest

Little Girl Lost5 star

I hope this author never stops writing. I’m always hooked from the very beginning and find it hard to stop, even when I have things to be done. Great stories!55



I read this book within 5 days. It’s brings you through such a roller coaster of emotions. Such wonderful imagery and you really feel what the narrator feels. Loved the happy ending, can’t wait to read the rest of this series!55


Good book5 star

Very good book. Great plot twists.55


Child’s play1 star

I’m really not sure how this book has so many good reviews and ratings. It was terrible.15


Edge of the seat !5 star

This book did not disappoint me at all, I love the fact that you gave her soo much life & spunk. You have definitely became a new favorite author for me.55


Little girl lost5 star

Great story. Couldn’t put it down55


5 stars for me!!5 star

Great book!! Must read55

Turkey talk

Little Girl Lost5 star

I liked the characters. Fast moving and a good story.55


Little girl lost4 star

The great mystery story with surprise ending. Keep me guessing through every chapter.I would highly recommend it.45


Fantastic mystery!5 star

What a ride! I couldn’t put the book down. This is a great story full of pain, history and bad decisions.55

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