Long Road to Justice

Long Road to Justice Summary

The truth may cost him everything… but living a lie is no longer an option.

Sixteen years ago, David Harper's mother was murdered. His father was convicted. To escape the shame and memories, David walked away, leaving his old life behind. Few people know his true identity, not even his wife of five months. With his father's conviction overturned, David can no longer hide the truth. His career as a Texas State Trooper, as well as his marriage, is on the line.

Driven by revenge, David is determined to find out who took his mother's life and make them pay. His investigation stirs a den of vipers and they come out striking. When a witness to the original crime is murdered, David fears his dad is next on the list.

Can David stop the killer before he silences the only family David has left?

Long Road to Justice is a clean-read police procedural filled with serpentine twists and turns on the road to justice. 

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River Quest

Long Road to Justice5 star

Smart, clever, engaging story. When a group of good guys outsmart the bad guys, Justice prevails. And there’s a great dog in the mix. What more could one ask for?55


Long Road Justice4 star

Long Road Jusice was a great read. Characters were easy to relate to, the plot was good and the relationships between the characters was good. Best of all it was clean, a good book for family entertainment and one you could recommend.45


Long Road to Justice5 star

Had never read anything by Mr. Hammack, but I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed. This book is a top-notch mystery that’s well-written and that develops the characters in a way that makes the reader connect and even relate to them. Also, my thanks and cudos to the author for providing a great story that I could enjoy without worrying about vulgarity or ludeness—thank you for that Mr Hammack! I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more.55


Long road to Justus4 star

A surprisingly good story, because it was so clean.I like the fact that it had biblical influences. I would definitely recommend it!45

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