Never Seen

Never Seen Summary

A man isn't born a killer. Something happens to make him become one…

"Brilliant thriller for fans of Michael Connelly and Harlan Coben"

The victims are young men. Their killer drugs them and slashes their wrists. Then he cleans their bodies, combs their hair and wraps them in protective sheeting before leaving them where they'll be easily found.

Is it a compulsion? A game? Or a brutally delivered message?

These are the questions Homicide Detective Lawrence Hoskins must answer as he takes on the lead role in his first serial murder investigation. But as the bodies keep coming, he feels like he's the one holding the blade, the one standing between life and death. Under mounting pressure he turns to former colleague Cass Fletcher for help. She knows how a serial killer thinks and why they can't stop. If she can tell him why, perhaps it will lead him to who.

Except Hoskins has already made one mistake he's not aware of. Involving Fletcher is another. And as the killer continues to elude him the case takes its toll in ways he never expects. More so when the signs start pointing in a new direction…

"Five beautiful boys lined up in a row

No longer unnoticed but seen by all

The officers who killed them soon everyone will know

Because the tougher they act, the harder they fall."

Never Seen is a gripping and chilling serial killer thriller, and the first book in the Hoskins & Fletcher crime series

"Unlike anything I have ever read before. Amazing, original and most highly recommended."

"The twists and turns kept me reading for hours, and I cried at the end. Can't wait to read the next two books!"

"I raced through this book. Loved the seriousness, the humor, the sadness."

"Couldn't put it down."

Book Reviews


Need a proofreader2 star

There are so many mistakes in this book that I literally had to rewrite every paragraph in my head for it to make sense. Simply dreadful for a serious, educated reader.25


Great plot however.....4 star

I enjoyed the story line and depth of characters but was constantly distracted by the setting being in the USA but with all the characters using British terminology. When I reached the end and read about the author I wondered why she decided to place the story in the US instead of the UK. I think it would have flowed better if she had set it where she is more familiar.45


Never Seen5 star

Really enjoyed, would recommend Never Seen to anyone , well written, good story. Look forward to other books by this great author.55

ed 3.1624

Never Seen4 star

Great characters. Loved it!45

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