Strong Alibi

Strong Alibi Summary

He's up for parole.

Two years too soon.

Elizabeth Strong knew the day would come, but she wasn't sure she was ready. Over time, she learned to put her own problems and fears aside. A court advocate needs to stay strong. Her clients depend on her. Just as she begins to feel she has her emotions under control, Elizabeth receives news the man she helped send to prison is up for parole after six years.

At the same time, she's assigned a high-profile client; the wife of a journalist for the local newspaper. Concerned, Detective Martinez warns her to keep her distance. After the woman retracts her police statement, Elizabeth deals with the fallout of an angry crime writer's musings. With Silverton PD and everyone associated with them subject to public ridicule, Elizabeth is torn. Not only does she wonder if her efforts of fighting for her client are futile, she's weighted with the decision of trying to keep a dangerous man in prison, where he belongs.

While dealing with her own personal dilemma, the last thing Elizabeth wants to hear is that her client is found dead in Lake Erie. As she begins to help Martinez gather evidence in hopes to solve a potential murder and avoid media embarrassment, she's also forced to cope with unexpected news that make her fears about the parole hearing more prominent and justified.

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IBe WhoIBe (Masaki) R.R

J2 star



English 1013 star

I really enjoyed this book but was turned off by too many spelling errors.35

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