An American Guide to the Monarchy

An American Guide to the Monarchy Summary

This is an American guide to the monarchy.
As an Englishman my foreign friends and colleagues are forever asking what the royal family are all about. What they are really like. This should answer some of their questions from money to sex life, perks to peccadilloes.
It is not a biography of the royals, there are plenty of those about, not is it made up of rejected scripts from 'The Crown'. It is simply my take on this massively dysfunctional family. I will challenge a few assumptions and destroy some myths.
The only criteria to the stories is that they must be true and come from reliable sources.
So we'll ask a few things like......
How rich is the Queen?
Will the money ever run out?
Why Markle isn't the first black member of the royal family.
Why does no one trust Prince Charles?
The trust cost of keeping hundred of royals in luxury.
Which member of the royal family thinks they are divine?
Who called Kate Middleton 'a second division screw?
Why is Diana still such an important figure?
Was she murdered?

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