Tamil Nadu and the Battle for Tamil Eelam (Sri Lanka)

Tamil Nadu and the Battle for Tamil Eelam (Sri Lanka) Summary

This book documents the complex dynamics between Tamil Eelam, Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka and India during the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict/war between the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils. Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state of Indian Union and is less than 50 kilometres away from Tamil Eelam (northeastern region of Sri Lanka). There are approximately 60 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu; yet the Indian government did not make any effort to stop the mistreatment of Eelam Tamils for decades or stop the massacre of Tamils during the war. In fact India trained and armed Sri Lankan military during the war.

With no military or diplomatic power of its own (because it is not a country), all that Tamil Nadu State could do was to beg and plead the Indian government to stop the Sri Lankan government atrocities against Tamils there. These pleas fall into the deaf ears of Hindi politicians who control the Indian government. With over 100 times the military and economic power of Sri Lanka, India could easily stop the atrocities and get a fair deal for minority Sri Lankan Tamils. Yet India government policies and actions are anti-Tamil throughout the ethnic conflict in Srilanka. The ground realities are reflected in the statements of the then Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Tamil Nadu, M. Karunanidhi. As the war intensified, in November 2008, Karunanidhi put is so succinctly: "Today Tamils are destroyed there (Sri Lanka) and we (Tamil Nadu) are in such a pathetic situation that we could not help them. This situation should change". A month later he pleaded for help from the Indian government, saying "with tears in my eyes I am making this request." War continued. People died in the thousands. War ended. Tamils were subjugated again in Sri Lankla. Those Sri Lankan politicians who perpetuated the Tamil massacre are welcome guests in India.

The nine articles in this book discuss and analyze the reactions and activities of Tamil Nadu politicians and people during the Sri Lankan war. Dynamics of the tug of war between Tamil Nadu State government and the Indian central government are examined.

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