Tamil Nadu Fishermen Killings: Sri Lanka and India

Tamil Nadu Fishermen Killings: Sri Lanka and India Summary

Tamil Nadu fishermen have been attacked, beaten, shot and sometimes killed by Sri Lankan Navy since the 1990s. What infuriate Tamil Nadu are not only Sri Lankan Navy actions but also Indian government doing nothing effective to stop it diplomatically, economically or militarily, irrespective of which political party was in power at the Indian central government. Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers M. Karunanidhi and J. Jayalalithaa have written dozens of letters to Indian Prime Ministers to put and end to the attacks. Prime Ministers Gujral, Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi have all promised effective action but the attacks continue with impunity.

This book is a compilation of articles on “Killings of Tamil Nadu Fishermen in the Sea” published between 1997 and 2016. Even if you are reading this book 20 years or 50 years later, these articles will serve as a historical record with analysis. Also, underlying the killings of Tamil Nadu fishermen is the callous indifference of the Indian government towards the people of Tamil Nadu. Will that attitude change in 50 years?

Why is not India using its military, diplomatic and economic resources to protect Tamil Nadu fishermen? Are Tamils the mere stepchildren of Bharat Mata (Mother India)?

Will Indian government change its attitude? Or, would Tamil Nadu fishermen be forever without protection and at the mercy of the Sri Lankan Navy as an orphaned child?

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