A Letter to American Workingmen

A Letter to American Workingmen Summary

A Letter to American Workingmen' is a pamphlet by Vladimir Lenin the creator of the former Soviet Union.

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An essential read.4 star

Not exactly a Leninist but I find this letter moving.45


:(1 star

This guy was an idiot15

Azriel Rose

A Moving Letter5 star

Lenin spends a good amount of time in this letter reminding the American workingmen that they too had a revolutionary struggle against their oppressor, England, and that they now must unite against the oppressing betrayers of their own country, the bourgeoisie, using practical tactics to bring about Socialism in America. All in all, it is a refreshing reminder of Leninist principles.55


Making friends3 star

Lenin trying to befriend American workers35

Bean Heawitt

Great book5 star

This book stirs a fire of hope and understanding in my heart55

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