Political Correctness: The New Fascism

Political Correctness: The New Fascism Summary

What price freedom ?
Ask the inumerable martyrs and servicemen who have paid the price to attain that valuable blessing throughout history.

Your freedom.
Does it really exist?
Is it really yours to give away?

Are you prepared to stand up and fight for it?

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I agree with your points of views5 star

Today, in America, there is no such thing as Free Speech sadly, and those who claim they are Anti-Fascists are the New Fascists due to Political Correctness, Censorship over Media and even Entertainment (even children shows) and book burning as what Mussolini did for Freedom of Speech, I do not want to live in a Country that force us what to believe and what not to believe55

momma annie

Political correctness5 star

Written in 2012..... Who would know that in 2017, a Racist in the Whitehouse & the incoming administration.....the words of this book Would be almost the Law of the land.....I pray for our country till we can make our lives back to normal by voting.....voting VOTE! Annie55


Required Reading5 star

This book needs to be required reading in all schools and institutions in the United States in the entire world!55


Amateurish2 star

I agree with what the author was saying. Yet, it was not persuasive and totally amateurish.25

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