Basics of AppleScript

Basics of AppleScript Summary

This book is for all those Mac (Apple) users who want to learn about AppleScript i.e. the scripting language for OS X. This book covers the basics. You can use the skills you learn from this book, to write complex scripts. All the scripts in the book can be downloaded from or the scripts can be read online at

ISBN (13) - 9788192978420

ISBN (13 for EPUB) - 9788192978437

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The book is available in EPUB & iBooks format on the iTunes iBooks Store for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Book Reviews


Good simple resource5 star

AppleScript is basically dead now, but I still find it useful sometimes. I knew nothing about it from the start, but I quickly made a few useful tools with this simple resource.55

HeyYou 2020

Basics of AppleScript2 star

I can’t really review this book. I tried on both Mac and iPad, but the font selection makes reading this very difficult, if not impossible. I spent an hour or two trying to change various options, with no affect. Web sites suggest using the aA, which exists in other books, but not in this one - why? Not sure I fault the author or iBooks on this, but putting red and orange on black, or dark gray on black - how could somebody write this and not require eye surgery afterward?25

Anonymous 6674454

This is a great tool5 star

This book is very well written and the visually helpful. If you have a mac, learning this language is a great start when beginning to understand and master coding languages. Why would you want to learn this language? You want to learn it because you can learn how to control your computer.55


It was alright5 star

Learned a few things. Can’t say anything bad. In other documentation, I wasn’t able to set up my own strings and then use them later in the script. Thanks.55


Not much use1 star

Kindergarten, outdated, scripts are incorrect. Worth the price; free.15

I like to calculate

Got Me Up and Going Quickly5 star

This book was just what I needed to get me up and going with Applescript. Just work along with the examples and you’ll be scripting in no time. It’s not perfect - there are a few typos here and there, but nothing that intereferes with the main task of learning Applescript basics. Once you’ve worked through this book you may find, as I did, that the Apple documentation, which is essential for more advanced work, becomes much easier to understand. Many thanks for the author, Nayan Seth for writing this great introduction!55


Excellent introduction5 star

Excellent introduction to AppleScript. I was able to go through the whole book in an afternoon including practicing the examples. I encourage the author to write a similar intro for other computer languages.55

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