Learning Patterns

Learning Patterns Summary

In this book, you will learn design patterns, performance and rendering patterns for building high-quality web applications using modern JavaScript and React. Patterns are time-tested templates for writing code. They can be really powerful, whether you're a seasoned developer or beginner, bringing a valuable level of resilience and flexibility to your codebase. Whether it's better user-experience, developer-experience or just smarter architecture, the patterns in "Learning Patterns" can be a valuable consideration for any modern web application.

Book Reviews


Amazing resource that’s better than most paid books5 star

Appreciate the authors for spending their valuable time creating this book while at the same time making it free for everyone. Lydia and Addy are among the best and most experienced developers in this ecosystem and the book would’ve been worth buying even if it wasn’t released for free.55


Helpful book5 star

Great book for free¡55


Highly Recommended!!5 star

I love the book and the explanation is so much easier. Thanks a lot of writing this book55


Great book5 star

thanks. this book can be really helpful for every front end developers55

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