It Is Just My Flesh. God's Manual On Sex.

It Is Just My Flesh. God's Manual On Sex. Summary

God's manual for sex. Because God doesn't want you to sin. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, God's people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yourself from the bondage of ungodly sex.

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Boring1 star

This book has nothing to do about sex and how to help married couples with sexual problems. It is a bash you over the head Bible study. I can not recommend this book15

wondering how

Voices...5 star

Those spoke most loudly were from the world throughout my childhood. Thoughts as an adult argued the same voices. Parents, teachers, peers, friends helped to give perspective on how to live life. But there was so much hypocrisy as years passed, that sifting “facts” to get to the truth, had me arguing myself. This work is the first that I have read to give light, rather awesomely, by validating my internal argument and explaining how and why it could be such. This is the missing link for me, and perhaps for you as well, that bridges years of bible study and commentary from sources read, shared by fellow believers and secular friends with a more in depth answer to things that may be considered preposterous and to be “swept under the rug.” So many agree that it is crazy to believe something you cannot see, but why does our historical accounts document such? Why can God be and nothing else? All of this to say, that this is a must-read. Don’t totally shut off this lifeline with judgement before considering this complementary resource. There are many willing to spout opinions before thinking by means of facebook, twitter, along with many other media resources, don’t follow the crowd. How can we cry out to be saved and hold God accountable without reflecting on our part. Seek truth in order to know how to respond when you fall. We were fallen before we got here, what makes you special? Think, contemplate, meditate and above all, ask the Lord for understanding.55

Karen Janet

Is it just my flesh5 star

Amazing book! It truly open up my understanding on spiritual welfare!!55


Sex5 star

This book was excellent reading55

Preacher Sam

Okay but grammatical errors abound1 star

A good message and interesting thought provoking points but hire an editor because the grammatical errors depreciate the message.15


Honesty4 star

I like how the author has an openness about sex and other things that you can't get in most churches to be honest. I like that the author is not trying to make anyone happy with this book. They are trying to help us all reach an understanding. I am a 15 year old girl and I understood this book perfectly. The book pretty much narrows it all down to take time to understand and become knowledgable in our thoughts,desires,decisions,and emotions because they may not be Godly. This thoughts we think we possess and own we actually don't . This books shows that we have free will to choose between God and Satan. We need to become more knowledgeable in God to help recognize the devil .The road won't be smooth and safe,but it is better to show God you are after his own heart and that you are willing to learn ,because ain't that all you really can do? God has a plan just let it work out his way. I know I'm 15 but that is just a number that tells me how many years I have been on Earth. It does not make any difference in how I viewed this book and the feelings I got from it. 🤗🙏🏼45


Mixed Messaging2 star

It is from the heart that the issues of life come forth. I understood the principle of this book, but there was a lot of leaning toward the idea that we have little responsibility with our decisions and actions. The mind is attached to the heart and the heart is desperately wicked. We too often give Satan too much credit for our bad choices.25


Mumbo Jumbo1 star

Another book with full of Mumbo Jumbo about God, Satan and their ways. Title prominently shows sex with the express intention of attracting readers.15


Rambling & Inaccurate2 star

I am a minister and I don't know where this author is reading some of these things in the Bible. Other than being inaccurate, it is also written in a rambling, almost condescending, sophomoric tone. If you are able to filter through these issues, a few interesting points are made. The language used is overly forceful sometimes, which may be because, as the author tells us, English is not their first language. Seems to me that an author should have his writings proofread before publishing, even on an electronic format. It's also a very short book, more like a booklet.25


Honestly Rooting For This3 star

This is one of those books that I really want to endorse… but eventually could not, because of some troubling issues with foundational beliefs. On the plus side, this may be one of the most engaging looks at the question God asks to man and woman after they sinned, “Who told you…?” The repetition of this question—used in a variety of applications—is an excellent device which genuinely does reflect an essential struggle people have with faith, and the consequences of bad thinking. If this is the only criteria for judging the book, then I say the writer has done a wonderful job of creating the right kind of tension between the thinking of man and the truth of God. On the negative side—and i do not believe this is “nit-picking”—the foundational perspective of the writer reduces the Bible to a story of the conflict of the spiritual forces of evil against the spiritual force of God. To be sure, this conflict exists and the power of Satan to rule our spirits is strong. But, the essence of the Bible is NOT about warfare between good and evil. The Bible is the revelation of God and tells of the only path of true relationship with Him… through faith in Jesus Christ. Christ has already won this battle. He offers His grace to ALL men and women. The underlying direction that this book inevitably leads its readers is toward a Christian “self-actualization” kind of theology, rather than complete freedom through Christ and His completed work on the cross. This book has value, therefore, to those who have already accepted themselves as being “the righteousness of God in Christ” (2 Cor. 5:21). But it’s emphasis on personal warfare may lead others to feel they are not spiritually strong enough to win such a difficult battle.35

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