United States Constitution

United States Constitution Summary

A beautiful edition of the original text of the United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and other Amendments.

A must have for all interested in the foundations of the United States, students, citizens, and non-citizens alike.

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How Much?1 star

Why is there no mention of any cost for this book? Just a “Get” button. Beware - it appears to be free, but it is $12.99. Again, no mention of cost on the description page, or on the page where you are asked to “click twice” to receive the publication. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.15


Excellent presentation!5 star

Presumably you are looking for a good, free copy of the US Constitution and/or it's amendments. This is the one to get. It's all here in this one volume, and it's beautifully laid out, with nice artwork. I started with the highest-ranked one titled 'The United States Constitution', with a cover that looks like a plain book. It lacks the Bill of Rights and the other amendments, and the layout is not polished. Then I tried two similar looking ones that are titled as being the amendments. They don't even contain the amendments. That's right: there are no amendments in the book titled, 'Amendments of the United States Constitution.' Worse, there are two of those with just slightly different names. I had overlooked this one at first because it didn't have enough reviews yet to show a star rating, but that was a mistake. This one is great, with the entire constitution and all amendments is a single well-designed volume. This is the one you want.55


Great edition5 star

This edition is really gorgeous — much better than the free iOS apps I have tried, which all seem to have ads or idealogically motivated commentaries attached.55


Awesome5 star

Greatest writing ever!55

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