The Italian Cook Book

The Italian Cook Book Summary

Download The Italian Cook Book: The Art of Eating Well and access over 200 hearty, healthy, wallet-friendly Italian recipes that will have you and your taste buds feeling like an authentic Italian.

Here is just a brief sample of some of the Italian cuisines designed to enrich your palate:

More than 10 recipes for easy-to-make soups, chowder, and ravioli
Over 150 wholesome Italian dishes such as macaronis, spaghettis, stews, and roasts
Over 30 recipes for satisfying sweets including cakes, tarts, puddings, and preserves
And much more...

Who said you have to be Italian to eat like one? 

Download The Italian Cook Book: The Art of Eating Well right now to experience the pleasure and satisfaction of eating like an authentic Italian!

Book Reviews

Professor Tony

It’s a stretch to call this a cookbook1 star

While the book covers a great number of recipes, what’s lacking is a description of the region of Italy from which each recipe derives. Moreover, instructions are incomplete in this print version. It’s as if the author wrote down recipes as her Nonna was dictating them, leaving out nuances and not fully described. I venture to guess the casual, non-Italian immigrant would fail at attempts for most the items.15


No ingredients list on anything1 star


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