Bible Study Lesson 1

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For many millions, God's Word is unexplored and uncharted territory. Yet the Bible is not only designed to help humans beings cope in a world caught up in all kinds of crisis. It contains the good news of the Kingdom of God—showing how God will solve the many problems of a world edging ever closer to catastrophe. In this Bible Study lesson you will discover how the Bible reveals great truths that, when comprehended, can transform your life in ways you've never imagined.

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Leola Mae

These booklets5 star

I find all these readings to be very helpful and God inspired to keep be at peace and stress free as I read them in this ever changing evil world we are living in today. God helps us all as the 2nd coming is just around the corner. You can tell by how bad the world is becoming each and everyday. God bless us all and read His word. He keeps you stress free. AMEN55


World1 star

I don’t know what this is and would appreciate your deleting from your subscriber’s list ASAP!!!15


The real truth in the garden3 star

If you are going to teach you had better do your homework. The sin in the garden had nothing to do with eating some fruit, like a apple for example. You will be held accountable for teaching falsely, do your homework more throughly. It was a sexual sin.35

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