Child's Story of the Bible

Child's Story of the Bible Summary

The stories follow approximately the chronology of the Bible, but the New Testament stories end with the Ascension of Jesus. The stories are by no means an attempt to summarize each book of the Bible, but instead they're a compilation of the better known Bible stories written in a language that children can understand. The stories were written more than a century ago.

Book Reviews

RayRay Powers

Children’s Bible5 star

Love reading this even as an adult as the stories help for me to better understand the families and their story’s that are told. Love it and have read it many times as it is so very true that as we grow spiritually the information that he unfolds then makes me want to read it again as it is a different book or way of understanding the parables and even life’s codes! Love and Forgive is the key to a healthy and colorful soul! 😇💜🎚55


A book explaining the bible in an easy-to-read way5 star

This is a excellent resource to know the bible, especially for a non-English native55

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