Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians

Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians Summary

The Galatianism is pervasive and prevalent in the churches, as religious legalists have duped Christians with the didactic declarations of how-to"Christian religion in prescribed procedures, formulas, techniques and duties which allegedly determine the distinguishing marks of a true disciple. The Church today is in dire need of the message of grace and liberty to be found in Galatians.

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Justified with God by Faith Alone5 star

Martin Luther drives the reader to the heart of the struggle between the ego of man always insisting on credit and the surrender he must make to accept he has no part, other than childlike faith in Jesus Christ, in gaining acceptance with God. We receive by faith the righteousness God the Father in his mercy chooses to impute to us based on Jesus meeting the full requirements of a holy and just God in becoming sin for us on the Cross. This is an awesome book that teaches the core beliefs of true Christianity and helps you understand the basis for the Protestant Reformation.55

Moja Fan

Luther's Galatians Commentary5 star

All so-called Lutheran pastors in the franchise Lutheran churches should be locked in a room with this commentary.55


So Glad I Found This5 star

Easy to read in today's English. Worth reading.55

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