Heaven & Hell

Heaven & Hell Summary

Most people believe the Bible teaches that we will go to either heaven or hell at death. They might be surprised at what it really says!

-- Inside this booklet:
-- The Biblical Truth About the Immortal Soul
-- The History of the Immortal-Soul Teaching
-- The Spirit in Man
-- Will a Loving God Punish People Forever in Hell?
-- Lazarus and the Rich Man: Proof of Heaven and Hell?
-- Are Some Tortured Forever in a Lake of Fire?
-- Will the Torment of the Wicked Last Forever?
-- Does the Bible Speak of Hellfire That Lasts Forever?
-- Is Heaven God's Reward for the Righteous?
-- Ancient Pagan Belief in Heaven
-- Paul's Desire to "Depart and Be With Christ"
-- Did Elijah Go to Heaven?
-- Was Enoch Taken to Heaven?
-- The Thief on the Cross
-- Are There Saved Human Beings in Heaven?
-- The Resurrection: God's Promise of Life After Death
-- Your Awesome Future

Book Reviews



This is not the work of God.15

Leola Mae

Heaven and Hell5 star

This reading was awesome. I learned so much and many questions were answered. I am on cloud nine right now. Totally trilled with the knowledge of what is to come I can't wait to lie with Jesus in our new world and life. He is so wonderful. He fills me up. AMEN55

Hate the update now

😑No. Just No.1 star

VERY AGAINST GOD! This spreads lies and makes little sense. DON'T GET IT!!!15

Dr. Keef

Free your mind from fear of the after life3 star

You get what you expect, do not be fooled into believing your soul a non physical manifestation could possibly be burned in a realm of fire35


Great another cult1 star

I'm glad I read the comments below. All of the related books are fraud and cult like . It could be the IHOP cult15


Book review4 star

I think that this book is critically fascinating! The fact that I got read this entire book my mind goes everywhere about what's going to happen to myself when I die.. Which won't be a while from now.45


Very useful tool for understanding the Bible5 star

This booklet was very useful in helping me to understand some of the mysteries of the Bible. It is very well written and very well laid out. It's both informative and has such depth. It clearly explains how the Bible can easily be misinterpreted and I thought it very refreshing to learn that if I don't go to heaven, I will not burn forever in hell as I was raised to believe. I will still strive towards his kingdom, however. This booklet gave insight into what Heaven will be like and I can't wait to learn even more! Excellent!55


Great read5 star

A+ A+55


Mind Blowing5 star

Whoever does not like it does not deserve to be cristian.55


Wow1 star

I haven't been this disgusted in a long time. Amazing how the enemy knows his future yet is relentless in trying to thwart the Truth. Jesus Lives, amen! p.s. This book is garbage.15

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