Modern Buddhism - Volume 1: Sutra

Modern Buddhism - Volume 1: Sutra Summary

Modern Buddhism, Volume 1: Sutrafocuses on basic Buddhist teachings and meditations, which everybody can practice straightaway. All the fundamentals of Buddhism meditation and philosophy are found here. Starting with an appreciation of our life and potential, we can gain a profound and practical understanding of our existential condition, and improve all good qualities of mind, including the supreme good heart of universal love and compassion. The explanation of the true nature of reality, ultimate truth emptiness, is very clear and powerful and, if practiced, will lead the reader to lasting mental freedom. A brief history of Kadampa Buddhism also shows how Buddha’s timeless teachings have traveled from teacher to student over thousands of years, and how people in the West are now applying what was once available only to mystics and monks—advice to solve our daily problems and accomplish the real meaning of our human life.

Book Reviews


Eloquent & Simple5 star

Amid the pile of books on Buddhism, this text is pure Dharma, written in a way so that you can immediately begin to incorporate the lessons into your daily life. Time spent frustrated waiting in line, etc, can be simply transformed into your daily practice; you discover ways to insert mindfulness and meditation, and bloom from there.55


Modern buddhism sutra5 star

This book truly changed my life for the better and showed me the way. It's allowed me to gain true moral and practice helping other for the benefit of the both of us. I say much thanks to the author.55


Clear and Practical instructions5 star

If you have a wish to meditate and be happier, you cannot go wrong with this presentation. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso gives clear step by step instructions on creating the actual causes of lasting happiness. Read this from cover to cover!55


Supreme Dharma!!!5 star

This book is packed with gems such as this one. Each sentence is a full teaching! "Kadam Lamrim is the great mirror of Dharma in which we can see the way things really are; and through which we can see what we should know, what we should abandon, what we should practise and what we should attain. And it is only by using this mirror that we can see the great kindness of all living beings."55

jose alva

Amazing and very useful5 star

This book is amazingly one journey into the beauty of buddhism and its way of understanding how it all works, it is very precise and straight. It is wonderful to learn about how buddhism is found on everyday basis and it's ignored, this book will guide you to jumpstart into not a religion a way of life so that you are no more attached to the suffering it brings. Love it and I recommend it NAMASTE!55

Crystal Smith

Excellent5 star

This book is a guiding light into becoming a great human being55


Inspirational5 star

This book has definitely provided me with great insight into the world of Buddhism, just realized how I can make myself feel better. After reading this book in isolation for several days, I had human contact with my friend again. And the point is I found her problems not worth worrying about as I considered the emptiness of them. I also feel more satisfied with my life.55

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