Psychic First Steps

Psychic First Steps Summary

Psychic First Steps is a short hand guide to the basics of psychic phenomena, including chapters on intuition, empathy, telepathy, dreaming, meditation, mediums, spirit guides, divination and what to expect if you visit or talk to a psychic.

Clara Masai has worked as a psychic reader for many years, mainly using palmistry and tarot cards. She is also a medium and dream interpreter, but uses no tools for this work. Her goal in writing about metaphysical subjects is to help those who may have been like her before learning about them, confused and alone. She hopes readers will find answers to their unusual experiences in the book’s pages, and find ways to live fuller, happier lives.

This hand guide is part informational, part instructive, and part memoir.

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🙌🏼💫5 star

I love it. Very simple, very informative 😍. Thank youuuu 🙏🏼55


Short and to the point5 star

Very informative. Good book to start out with.55

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