Reasons to Believe Your Bible

Reasons to Believe Your Bible Summary

Is believing the Bible an irrational leap of faith?  Are there any reasons to trust the Bible as the Word of God?  In Reasons to Believe Your Bible, we learn that Christians aren’t expected to check their brains at the door.  Rather, our mind should feed our faith.  

We discover how the all-or-nothing claims of the Bible don’t allow us to consider it just a good book.  We have to accept all of it or none of it.  We discover the Bible is not based on fantasy but has a solid connection with history.  We interact with the biblical account of creation and how it stacks up against evolution as taught in high school biology.  Finally, we interact with Dan Brown’s novel, The DaVinci Code, to learn the true story of how the books in our Bible were collected together.  

If you struggle to believe your Bible, Reasons to Believe Your Bible is the book for you.

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Build Your Confidence In The Bible5 star

This book will help you understand why you can trust the Bible. I found my faith in Christ strengthened. I wish I read this while in high school or college.55

Roger Winegar

Reasons to believe the Bible.5 star

This book gives an understandable systematic review of why we should believe the Bible is God's word. Everything from A to Z. Grow your confidence and increase your ability and desire to share the gospel.55

Old Man1

Helped Me Trust The Bible Again5 star

This book helped me answer many of the doubts I had About the Bible.55


Reasons To Believe The Bible5 star

This book leaves NO reason to doubt that the Bible is true. Written in an easy format to understand, yet provides plenty of background to prove it's case for belief in God's Word.55

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