The Book of Revelation Unveiled

The Book of Revelation Unveiled Summary

Is the book of Revelation relevant today? Is it possible to understand it?

-- Inside this booklet:
-- The Book of Revelation: Is It Relevant Today?
-- Keys to Understanding Revelation
-- The Story Flow of the Book of Revelation
-- Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation
-- God's Church in Prophecy
-- What Is the Church?
-- Duality in Bible Prophecy
-- The Book of Revelation's Divine Authority
-- The Seals of the Prophetic Scroll
-- The Day of the Lord Finally Arrives
-- Satan's War Against the People of God
-- The Mark and Number of the Beast
-- The Two Women of Revelation
-- The 'Time of Jacob's Trouble'
-- The Destruction of Satan's Kingdom
-- Satan: The Great Seducer
-- The Everlasting Kingdom of God

Book Reviews


The Book of Revelation Unveiled5 star

This book has given me a much better understanding of GOD's love. I highly recommend this book to everyone. May GOD Bless you and enrich your life as you read this excellent written book.55


Enlightening4 star

This book is easy to read, insightful and full of bible references. Upon completion the reader will have an excellent foundation for understanding The Book of Revelations. This is a must read.45

Hog boy 13

So helpful5 star

I struggled to understand "Revelation."Until I read this book.Thank you!I'm so glad I'm saved through Jesus Christ!55


Great5 star

Very good read55


Great read5 star

Easy to read and understand. Very enlightening. Thank you to the church ad authors for this work55


The Book of Revelation Unveiled5 star

Biblically and historically based, not for those seeking the thoughts and traditions of men: a well done read.55


False teachings1 star

No Hell? Warning this is a cult. Research the net for church of god15


Must read for those seeking the truth of God.5 star

This booklet is awe-inspiring. Read along with your bible and an open mind and discover the amazing prophecies of Revelation.55


Love it5 star

This is a great book to have you will understand it. I also checked each chapter in my bible that was in this book.55


Wow5 star

If you don't fear the truth, read with eyes wide open. Don't just take their word for it though, READ ALONG IN YOUR BIBLE. You will be amazed.55

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