Whitefield's Letter to Wesley on Election

Whitefield's Letter to Wesley on Election Summary

Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. George Whitefield wrote this letter to John Wesley in 1740, in response to Wesley's sermon entitled "Free Grace." Whitefield believed the issue vital to robust Christianity, and hastened to write from Georgia in the American colonies, to his friend across the sea. From the Preface: "Many of my friends, that are strenuous advocates of universal redemption, will immediately be offended. Many that are zealous on the other side will be much rejoiced. They that are lukewarm on both sides, and are carried away with carnal reasoning, will wish this matter had never been brought under debate...I heartily pray God to hasten the time for his being clearly enlightened into all the doctrines of divine revelation, that we may thus be closely united in principle and judgment as well as heart and affection."

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