Ruddy Beauty(The Story of David)

Ruddy Beauty(The Story of David) Summary

Every morning, just before sunrise, a young boy follows a narrow path with a stick in his hand; his destination, a lonesome field that no one has interest in. The boy is a seemingly ordinary shepherd boy, who spends his days in the fields. After tending to the flock all day and returning home, no one is there to give him any comfort or praise. After all, the people who long to become the best of the best would not find any benefits in a common child. We as the readers would feel sympathetic towards the boy because anyone with such a life would suffer from loneliness, often unable to cope with the solitude, and finally, become tainted with inerasable scars. 

Strangely enough, however, the joyous smile never fell from the boy. From his lips, he would sing a never-ending tune. He would give a serene performance using his instrument to the animals, thanks to his natural talent in music. Eventually, this mysterious boy would become the legend who defeated the terrifying Giant with a single pebble and rule as the king of a great nation. All of this is written in history. 
What exactly enabled this boy to become so strong and happy?   

The name of this mysterious boy is David. 

This book invites us to the ordinary life of David: to his childhood home, to the verdant fields, and to the magnificent palace. As a precious child of today’s generation, your children will be able to find out the secrets of David’s day-to-day happiness; and when we do uncover that secret, we will realize and understand how important a person can be. 

- Colorful collage illustration 
- Multi-touch images 
- Nature sounds and music 

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