What All Children Should Know About God

What All Children Should Know About God Summary

This booklet was written with children in mind. However, it would also be suitable for adults who are not familiar with the Christian faith, because it briefly explains the most of the important elements of Christian doctrine.

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Sooooo touching!!5 star

I loved this book soooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this book to any one!!!!55


Unsatisfied1 star

It seems to me that the author knows some what about the bible yet sugar coats the truth . Adam and eve did sin YESS we all know but where in the bible did it ever say he made them perfect? Only Jesus is the only man that walked the earth and was perfect. And god wanted everyone to follow the ten commandments and his dietary law as well . Just treating others the way you wanted to be treated and loving god isn't going to land you a place in heaven. And there is a hell so I don't understand why the author made it seem like everyone was going to make it into heaven. When you are not a servant of god then he knows you not so explain how they would end up in heaven. I understand you wrote this book for children but don't let your words make them naïve of the truth of the word of God. Keep spreading the word the RIGHT wayy next time.15

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