Free to Love: A Christian Romance Novel

Free to Love: A Christian Romance Novel Summary

Free to Love is the first Christian Romance book in the Inspiration Point series and begins the story of Julie Petersen's struggle to escape from a controlling mother and the clutches of a rich controlling fiance who won't stop at anything to make her his wife.  This story highlights Julie's journey to freedom, her hopes, her struggles, and her achievements as she trusts God to help her grow.

In this first book, Julie Petersen escapes James, her soon to be fiancé, and her mother, who tries to make Julie conform to the lifestyle of the rich. She leaves home under cover of darkness with nothing more than a handful of clothes, little money to her name, and a strong faith that God will help her survive. During her journey, she meets Mark, a handsome man who touches her heart with his helpfulness and genuine concern for her well being. But before their relationship can blossom, disasters strikes when her fiancé tracks her down and changes the course of her life.

Mark is a resident of Newport Beach who still suffers from the sting of being dumped by his ex-fiancé. Refusing to give up on love, he hopes to find the right Christian woman to settle down with someday. Mark bumps into Julie at his favorite hangout, Inspiration Point, and is instantly attracted to her. Julie goes missing and now he must figure a way to rescue her from her crazy fiancé who has kidnapped her.  Can he rescue Julie in time and profess his love for her? Or will he be too late and miss out on marrying the love of his life?

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Book Reviews


Loved ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

I loved the story line and the twist at the end. It wasn’t your typical romance novel and I can’t wait to read the next one.55


Free to Love5 star

I absolutely loved this book!😁 I couldn’t put the book down and that’s when I know that it is a really good book! I can’t wait to read the second book of this series.55


Free to Love5 star

This book was an easy to understand, yet captivating. The way that the sweet author uses imagery is gold, the descriptive words paint the most realistic picture of what is going on. And as someone just getting out of a similar situation to Julie in a controlling relationship, this book is a reminder that there is light on the other side. You’ll want to read this one!55


Amazing!!5 star

This was truly an amazing book, and I plan on getting the second. I loved this, and it was perfect in every way. The author has amazing talent for telling a story, and in such incredible detail, it feels like you’re actually there. Greatly recommend this book!!55

Hayley Elyce

Beautifully written5 star

This novel was very captivating and endearing. The Chapter based cliff hangers made ceasing to read difficult. I enjoyed this heartfelt book and wish the 2nd part of the series was free.55


Free to Love4 star

Ok book, story a little bit of a stretch, but kept my attention.45

Josiah Bates

Five stars for the stock picture5 star

The stock picture is from a meme And I liek memes So here’s five stars :)55


Amazing5 star

It was such an amazing and sweet book series! I highly suggest reading it!55


Free To Love5 star

This book rocked! It was a very inspirational read! I loved it towards the end it pulled me in through how being a strong woman continued on... and I felt strong about a lot of parts! I hope I can continue to see what happens in the next book yeah!!!!!~55


Free to love5 star

An enjoyable Christian book. Loved it and bought the next in the series.55

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