Her Christmas Cowboy

Her Christmas Cowboy Summary

Luke Carsen needs to honor the stipulation in his late adoptive father's will for him to be married in order to take co-ownership of the family ranch. But he's too broken to love again. Recovering from the wounds of war is one thing, but the wounds from a previous relationship is another.

Jemma Smith grants wishes for the ill through her Grant-A-Wish app, but can she grant her dying grandfather's last wish to see her settle down before Christmas? She'd always dreamed of getting married and knows her grandfather just wants to see her happy, but she's not getting any younger and it's too late for her now, isn't it?

After meeting Luke through his matchmaking aunt, Sue Mae, Jemma wonders if she could make this work. Or will a marriage of convenience be all they can handle to appease their folks?

Her Christmas Cowboy: The Carsen Brothers of Sweet Rivers Ranch #1 (A Sweet Clean Marriage of Convenience Western Romance)

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Her Christmas Cowboy5 star

A very good Christian love story, enjoyed very much.55

Brasil 20

The Christmas cowboy5 star

I enjoy this book very much! Thanks55


It’s okay3 star

I normally don’t leave reviews. Everyone’s tastes are different. This book has a great story and good characters, however there is a lot of repetitive information on them. I get repeating it maybe once but it went on and on. I had to skip through a lot of the pages to get back to the story. Dear author your readers don’t need to be hit over the head with your characters background. You have a good story, go with that.35

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