Mail Order Bride: Blinded By Love (Brides Of The West: Book 1)

Mail Order Bride: Blinded By Love (Brides Of The West: Book 1) Summary

A historical western cowboy romance novel about a mail order bride.
In 1870, Hazel Lynn Morgan was a girl right on the verge of becoming a woman. She lives in a small town on a farm in Ohio, where nothing new or exciting ever happens. She has survived this long by reading books about exotic places and using her imagination, or what her Ma has termed, her “Magical Thinking.”
Will a simple mail order bride ad placed by a cattle rancher in Texas named Heath Key change Hazel’s life for the better? Or will the secret that Heath is hiding threaten to ruin both of their lives? Will the man who has been by Heath’s side as his best friend since childhood bring them closer or come between them in the end?
Follow Hazel on her journey to adulthood as she discovers that sometimes you have to close your eyes to really be able to see.

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Blinded by Love5 star

You love what is inside a person not what is on the outside. Looks shouldn’t matter all that much. I like that Hazel followed her heart and not her what others saw.55

Tammt in Texas

Blinded by Love5 star

Love the story, loved the western Quasimodo and Esmeralda. Only thing that bugged me was the typo when Heath said his dad started the ranch in 1952 instead of 1852.55

Peggy A. H

You really need to pass this by.1 star

You can sure tell that this book is a waste of your time. After reading the first few chapters, I was ready to quit and I probably should have because it didn’t get any better. From misspelling, to wrong punctuation, to bad English, and the fact it seemed like a first book for a young teenager. Don’t waste your time unless you don’t mind the simple, mushy, poorly written, and repeating of content just to make it seem like a bigger book. If you can call it that15


Blinded by Love4 star

It was a wonderful book, just didn’t care for the ending it left to much unsaid.45


Blinded by love5 star

Perfect title. Loved everything about the book. The story line was fantastic. Too many people see only through their eyes! However; on page 211. (I believe) the name Sarah was written instead of Hazel. Enjoyed reading the book55


Blind Love4 star

The book was nice but it ended to quick. There should have been a wedding, and Hazel family came to Texas and it should have ended with John meeting the girl in his letter.Which would have created a new book45


Blinded by love2 star

Okay, I really got into the storyline of this book. BUT, you ended the book where a chapter should end! What about the wedding? What about Johns search for a wife? What about FINISHING the story?!?!?25


Blinded by Love4 star

It was a short read. I would have liked to see more character development. It was ok for a short story. I would like to know if she danced with Bobby or not. Hazel contradicts herself.45


Blinded By Love5 star

This was one of the most moving novels that I have read in a long while. I loved the compassion and true love revealed without thinking of sex first and maybe love later.only one problem....too short! Now for the next one! Sonja Stover Bracey55


Really enjoyed the book5 star

The intriguing part of this book the format. Letters back and forth and the reactions receiving the letters. One thing I got a chuckle out of was when Heath and Hal were in conversation and Hal stated he had come to Texas in 1951. I think it should have read 1851 which would have been more in the time table of the story. I just wish that there would have another couple hundred pages to read.55

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