Mending a Cowboy's Broken Heart

Mending a Cowboy's Broken Heart Summary

Family means everything to Bodie, but after his wife left Wyoming for a city slicker from New York, his four year old daughter became a painful reminder of the betrayal. Struggling to be the father Savannah needs him to be, Bodie focuses his mind on running the family ranch for his beloved Grandma Hannah.

But when Grandma Hannah needs help around the house and caring for Bodie's daughter, she takes in Elizabeth, an out-of-towner from California who fell on hard times. Grateful for the employment opportunity, she strives to prove her worth around the home and is instantly welcomed by everyone on the R&J Ranch, except Bodie.

Can Elizabeth mend Bodie's broken heart for his daughter's sake? Can Bodie forgive the betrayal of the past and embrace a future with a woman who is everything he ever hoped for?

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