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Noah Ramsey has a great hockey career, wonderful parents, and a good best friend, but what he wants most is to be with the love of his life who walked away from him years ago. When he finds her at the airport, he realizes she's changed, and she's struggling with things she doesn't want to tell him about. Noah also realizes just how much she scarred him when she left. 

Meredith Quick has always planned everything out. She chose her tennis career over love in order to better succeed, but her plan dissolves when an injury threatens her career and her fiancé leaves her. Struggling through pain and the uncertainty of her future, she realizes her first misstep was walking away from Noah. She impulsively decides to go back to him while she attempts to put her life back together.

Reacquainting isn't easy when Noah doesn't quite trust Meredith to stay and Meredith struggles with overcoming the pain she's endured without him. Can they work through their issues and move forward, or will their past ruin things between them forever?

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Boring2 star

Too predictable.25


Books all end too abruptly2 star

I have now read 8 Lindsay Paige books. They are good however ever one of them ends way too abruptly! After the first book I thought maybe the next book within the series would contain any cliffhangers from the previous book but that’s not the case.25


A great read5 star

Love the book. Wonderful characters. Well written. Author has a way of pulling you into the story where you actually feel the characters and their story. Story was filled with passion, tragedy, humor and romance. There were parts where I had teary eyes and parts where I found myself laughing. Can’t wait to read Marc’s story.55


Back to me2 star

Your ending sucked! You never finished the story started on the other not worth reading more when stories have that kind of ending DUMB!25

Fluke fan

Because it’s you3 star

Not so good35

Ruth Ann Nordin

Back to Me by Lindsay Paige5 star

This is the first book of Lindsay Paige’s that I have ever read. I enjoyed it so much that it won’t be the last. Really looking forward to the next book!55

Razorback Girl 59

Back to me5 star

This was a very good book. It kept me wanting to turn the next page. I liked not just the main characters but also the supporting cast.55

A beAuty no more

Back to me.5 star

A good read. I can't put it down.55


Love the Carolina Rebels!5 star

Lindsay Paige does it again! Her new hockey series, Carolina Rebels, features wonderful characters that I'm hoping to get to know better throughout the series. This first book in the series was a great start and really set the stage for the upcoming books. I enjoyed reading about Noah and Meredith as they navigated their renewed relationship as older individuals. Lindsay always writes characters with such raw realness that I get pulled into their perspectives as the story progresses. Her character romantic progressions are always so sweet, yet gently explores the realistic issues that couples can typically face. I also really enjoyed reading about Noah's friend/teammate, Marco. I can't wait for his book! I recommend this book! Lindsay Paige's books are always a great read! *I received a free Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my honest thoughts/opinions of the author's book.*55

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