Dirty Little Secret: A Secret Baby-Second Chance Romance

Dirty Little Secret: A Secret Baby-Second Chance Romance Summary

Once upon a time, I was nothing more than a bad boy seeking all the tail I could get …

Something happened to change all that.

Suddenly, chasing women turned into chasing the dream of becoming a doctor.

Hard work and determination had me meeting my dream a hell of a lot sooner than most.

And with the title of doctor came ready and willing women, set on landing themselves a wealthy physician.

Little did they know that I would readily give them some hot, steamy memories to keep, but my heart belonged to someone else.

Someone I didn't want to share with anyone.

But then she came along, claiming what had always been only mine.

And maybe she would claim my heart as well …

Book Reviews


Slow pace but writing3 star

A lot of the book is tied up in the feelings of the main character losing a child. If this is a sensitive subject for you, you might wanna pass35


The male character is a jerk....2 star

The guy is a jerk.25

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