Guarding Suzannah

Guarding Suzannah Summary

There's no love lost between criminal defense lawyer Suzannah Phelps and the Fredericdton police department. Now she's being stalked, but she won’t turn to the police, who may be behind it. But when Det. John Quigley learns of it, he's determined to protect her, no matter who is harassing her. They've struck sparks off each other in the courtroom, and he's burning to do the same in the bedroom.

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Great romance5 star

Great book. The story was good and believable. I enjoyed both characters.55


Guarding Suzanna4 star

I enjoyed this book. Had enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat and the right amount of romance and heat.45

Ohio Buckeye

Vfivivf vififvf vfrvvvvrFvfvvrvyou You5 star

Ooh Llll55


Loved5 star

This was s really great book. The plot, story and characters were well developed and the authors writing made you feel like you are part of the story. It is well worth it.55


Guarding Suzannah5 star

Awesome story! Really enjoyed.55

JVC @ winddancersfarm

Serve & Protect. Book 14 star

Interesting book with lots a twists and turns. The plot will keep you guessing and analyzing until the end. The characters are well fleshed out. The romance is realistic. Good book.45


YES!5 star

The answer is YES, it's a great book. YES you'll be happy you read it YES it's worth it. Just YES. read it! It won't disappoint.55


Guarding Suzannah5 star

Wonderful read! Romance, suspense and of course sex what more could you ask for!? Characters were wonderful context amazing couldn't put it down, highly recommend.55


Great!4 star

This was a great book! Loved it...on to the next one :)45


Great story!5 star

This book was a zip to read. I actually read the books in the wrong order so I read this one last and had to slow myself down so I could fully enjoy it. You will not regret it if you buy this book and the rest to follow are just as great.55

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